YWAM Arua has had a burden for the surrounding nations since it was established.

We partner with existing YWAM bases in these nations and also seek to establish new ministries in the region.

We are currently involved in the following locations:

South Sudan

Arua has had a long history of involvement in this nation. Before the war in 2016 there were five bases in South Sudan. These were in Juba, Yei, Lobone, Malakal and Wau.

When the civil war broke out in 2016 all these locations were forced to evacuate. Many of the YWAM staff came to Arua, where they continue to serve. Others serve in other locations.

Though the peace in South Sudan remains fragile, we are visiting South Sudan regularly and are helping re-establish ministries there.

~ JUBA ~

We have a team of YWAMers who we are in partnership with who are currently doing ministry in and around Juba.

~ WAU ~

We have an active team of YWAMers based in Wau who are looking to re-establish a YWAM base there. Our staff regularly visit them to support them in this.

~ YIDA ~

YWAM Arua regularly visits this refugee camp in northern South Sudan, where many Sudanese have fled across the border from fighting and intense persecution in the Nuba Mountains.

Central African Republic

YWAM Arua are currently partnering with YWAM Bangui to help them grow and develop their ministries.

YWAM Bangui


When the war broke out in South Sudan many refugees fled to Uganda. Our refugee team continues to minister to these traumatised and suffering people.


In addition to our own refugee ministry, in 2016 YWAM Lobone in South Sudan moved across the border to Kitgum in Northern Uganda. From here they also minister to refugees as well as visiting South Sudan regularly where they are planting churches amongst the unreached people in the Issore mountains.

YWAM Kitgum

D R Congo

With the recent democratic elections in DR Congo things are beginning to improve. Nevertheless, this nation faces huge problems and there are many needs.


YWAM Arua focuses on northern DR Congo and has helped pioneer a YWAM Base in Isiro in the heart of the Ituri rainforests. We continue to support the small team there who are ministering to local churches and reaching out to the unreached pigmy communities.

YWAM Isiro are hoping to run their first DTS in the near future, as well as to begin a vocational training school.