What is SBS all about?

Our goal is to thoroughly immerse the student in the Word of God for nine months. This is done through a systematic study of each of the sixty-six books of the Bible. The end product is a Christian with a fairly in depth overview of the whole Bible. This would be a valuable course for any ministry that seeks to fulfill the Great Commission of discipling the nations.

The School of Biblical Studies teaches the Inductive Approach to Bible study, which gives the student the tools to continue a lifetime of Bible study. We study all sixty-six books of the Bible during the nine-month school. This gives the student a panoramic view of the entire Bible in context. This helps to give the student a balanced view of the Scriptures as a whole and it exposes the student to the entire richness of the Word: its various authors, continuity, its various styles of literature, its historical background and time periods, and the relationship between the two testaments.

Our emphasis is on the English text (or the text in the native tongue of the nation where the school is held). The student is required to read the text and not books about the Bible. We want the student to know the text. Our textbook is the Bible.

Course Dates

Our next SBS will commence on 20th February 2023 and will run until 2nd December 2023.

You can download the application forms below, or if you would like any more information about this school, please contact our school leader,
+256 700 343 550