Restoring and equipping families for the Great Commission

The Family Ministries School is a second level course that trains people on how to build families based on Godly principles,
prevention of marriage crises and family restoration.

The Family Ministry School will enable you to:

– Understand God’s plan for the correct functioning of marriage and family
– Understand God’s principles for healthy and fulfilling sexuality
– Experience personal growth in these areas resulting in a happy, healthy and fruitful personal life and happy family relationships
– Become involved in the exciting ministry of discipleship and family ministry as a fulfillment of The Great Commission
– Develop family counseling skills which will equip you to help others in a very needy world
– Learn skills for conducting seminars on family, marriage and parenting
– Learn basics of communication and teamwork in ministry

Topics covered include:

– Biblical principles of family
– Marriage and parenting
– The dysfunctional family
– Marriage/ family restoration and enrichment
– Family relationships
– Sexuality, addiction, divorce and remarriage
– Communication skills, basic family counseling skills
– Pre-marital counseling
– Marriage/ family seminar training

Our Next School

19th June – 1st December 2023
For more information, have a look at out application pack below or contact the school leader:
Augustine Owot –