Today it is estimated that 85% of all Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists do not know one single Christian. This school is a specialized missionary training program designed to prepare missionaries to take the gospel to unreached people groups

Our commitment is to bring the life-changing, community-transforming power of the gospel to unreached peoples.

We work to present the good news in understandable ways. New believers begin to lovingly obey and follow Jesus. They gather together in simple fellowships. God speaks to them through His Word and His Spirit. God empowers them to spread the blessings of His Kingdom within their families, among their neighbours, throughout their societies, and across the nations.

Disciples make disciples who make disciples—a movement emerges.

School Dates & Contact

Our first School of Frontier Missions will run from
3rd September – 2nd December 2022.

School fees:
Category A Nations: $2,500
Category B Nations: $1,200
Category C Nations: $600

If you have any questions please contact our school leader,
Christopher Along:
+256 774 243 908