Holistic Dissipleship Training

In the last quarter of 2017 a small team of staff ran a series of seminars in various locations in refugee camps in the region.

The aim of the seminars were to disciple and encourage *South Sudanese believers living in refugee camps in northern Uganda. After 2 weeks of lectures the students are lead by the staff on a week of evangelistic ministry. Each seminar was attended by 18 - 22 people. During the course of the seminar, some of the students request to be baptised.

All of the seminars are registered with the University of the Nations which means the credits the students earn could go towards an AA, BA or Masters degree.  When people are displaced from their communities, they loose not only their homes and livelihood but also their potential for continued education. Also, boredom is one of the most destructive social forces in refugee camps, often unable to enroll in educational programs in their host nations, people's lives are virtually 'on hold' until the situation that drove them to flee, is resolved. These seminars are a vital life-line to those attending. 

 * For more information about the situation, click here.

Call to Action

We welcome partnerships with individuals or groups of believers. If you, your church or any group you belong to want to adopt and support one of these seminars in prayer, please contact us. We will gladly connect you with the leader of the ministry and keep you updated regularly.